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Become a Dealer

Mantic Engineering Pty Ltd work closely with an established network of dealers across America and are currently looking to expand their network.

To be eligible, you will need to demonstrate substantial experience within the automotive aftermarket sales industry, and proven success on delivering excellent customer service to the retail and trade market-segments.

In return, Mantic Engineering offers a unique product range, engineered and manufactured in Australia, to the highest standards. Products are shipped daily from an Atlanta, Georgia base, with exceptional terms of business and assistance offered by the Australian based Support Centre.

If you are interested in becoming an authorised dealer, please email Mantic’s Sales department with your contact and business names, address, telephone number, email address and a brief description of your business. One of our Sales executives will be happy to contact you shortly.



"It's the best clutch I've ever owned, bar none! Thanks for putting out such a great product. I'm sure I wouldn't be making it to the podium without Mantic!"

Paul Plemenos (9000 Series twin disc)


"On the track, it is a dream. The engine revs wonderfully and quickly due to the clutch. It makes downshifts a breeze and upshifts are completed as quickly. The 7000 Plus has easily handled everything that I have asked for."

Benjamin Lesnak (7000 MOI Plus Series triple disc)