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Mantic Engineering Pty Ltd – Terms and Conditions for use of Website

This agreement is a contract between you, the customer, and Mantic Engineering Pty Ltd ACN 150 735 514 trading as Mantic ( ).  It sets out the conditions under which you may purchase Goods online from Mantic at the Website or by purchasing the Goods online from Mantic via eBay.  By using the Website or by buying from Mantic on eBay, then you are bound by this agreement.  Your access to, and use of, the Website is subject to these terms and conditions as they may be amended or varied by Mantic in its sole discretion from time to time.


1.1.  In these conditions:

Delivery Address means the address to which the Goods are to be delivered as stated by you on the Order.

Delivery Fee means the fee payable to Mantic in respect of delivery of the Goods and handling costs associated with processing your order, as advised by Mantic from time to time.

Front Door means the front door or a point beyond which entry into the interior of the building occurs

Goods means goods or product offered for sale by Mantic on the Website or on eBay and as described in an Order, and include the packaging.

Intellectual Property Rights means all rights in respect of copyright, trademarks, patents, designs and confidential information, whether arising under statute or otherwise.

Loss means any loss including any liability, cost, expense, claim, proceeding, action, demand or damage

Materials means the copyright in the Website or a catalogue or listing on eBay, the software, design, text and graphics comprised in the Website, the selection and layout of the Website and the content and materials on the Website and any Intellectual Property Rights residing in the Website.

Order means an order to purchase Goods from Mantic on or through the Website and an order to purchase Goods from Mantic on or through eBay.

Purchase Price means the price of the Goods as shown on the Product List as the purchase price applicable at the time you view it on the Website, and as may be amended from time to time, and the price for which the Goods may be listed by Mantic on eBay.

Product List means the list of Goods displayed on the Website, as amended from time to time, or as may be listed on eBay from time to time.

Website means


2.1   By ordering the Goods through or by the Website or eBay, you agree to bound by, and comply with, these terms and conditions.

2.2   These terms and conditions are to take precedence over any terms and conditions set by eBay and that may bind either one of the parties.  Where there is an inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any policy set by eBay, then these terms and conditions are preferred.


3.1   You must provide Mantic with your name and the Delivery Address at the time you place an Order for Goods with Mantic. You warrant that all information and data provided by you is accurate, complete and up to date. You must promptly inform Mantic if there is a change to this information or data.

3.2   In order to purchase Goods from Mantic, the Delivery Address which you nominate must be within an area where Mantic provides delivery. Orders for delivery to locations (whether suburbs, states or countries) that are not in the Mantic delivery area may not be processed. Mantic will advise you if the Delivery Address which you nominate ceases to be in an area where Mantic delivers Goods.


4.1   You may order Goods by either selecting:

        1. submitting your Order for a Good through the Website in accordance with these terms and conditions; or

        2. a Good on eBay and following the processes and procedures that are set out on eBay to submit an order.

4.2   Orders are deemed to be received by Mantic at the time of successful transmission and receipt of the Order by Mantic.

4.3   Any Order placed through this Website or through eBay for a Good is an offer by you to purchase the particular Good for the price notified (including the delivery and other charges and taxes) at the time you place the Order.

4.4   Mantic reserves the right to accept or reject your Order for any reason, including if the requested Good is not available, if there is an error in the price or the Good description posted on the Website or eBay or in your Order.

4.5   An agreement exists between you and Mantic once Mantic expressly accepts an Order or Mantic receives the Order and does not reject it within fourteen days.  Each Order is a separate binding agreement.

4.6   Mantic, or its nominated agent, will deliver the Goods to you at the Delivery Address within the time agreed with you.

4.7   Mantic, or its nominated agent, will not commit to delivery beyond the Front Door of your home or office building. If you request Mantic to deliver the Goods beyond your Front Door, you agree to continually indemnify and hold harmless Mantic (including but not limited to its officers, employees, contractors and agents) from any Loss suffered or incurred by Mantic in connection with the delivery of the Goods beyond your Front Door.

4.8   Anyone at the Delivery Address (or upon collection) who receives the Goods shall be presumed by Mantic, and any nominated agent, to be authorised to receive the Goods.

4.9   If required by Mantic, you must pay to Mantic or its nominated agent the Delivery Fee (or such other fee as may be specified by Mantic) in respect of each Order.

4.10   If there is no one at the Delivery Address or no one of appropriate age to receive and sign for the Order when the Order is delivered, the Order may be left at the Delivery Address or not, at Mantic, or its nominated agent’s, discretion.


5.1   Risk in the Goods passes to you on the date and time of delivery to the Delivery Address. Title to the Goods passes to you on the later of the date and time of:

        a.   receipt of payment for those Goods; and

        b.   delivery of those Goods to the Delivery Address.


6.1   If you wish to make a claim for a replacement Good, refund or credit then you must return the Good to the place of purchase or email Mantic on to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number. You must provide us with the invoice Mantic or its agent issued to you for your Order to make a claim under this clause. If you fail to do so, then Mantic may reject or deny your claim.  A Mantic representative will assess your claim for a replacement Good, credit or refund of the purchase price. Mantic reserves the right to inspect the Goods before making the assessment. Mantic will not pick up any Goods that you do not accept or that you seek to return. This clause is in addition to and does not limit or replace your rights under any applicable consumer law.


7.1   You must pay the Purchase Price for the Goods at the time the Order is made whether on the Website or on eBay.

7.2   You must pay the Delivery Fee in respect of each Order.

7.3   Orders to be delivered within the state of Georgia will incur an additional 7% Sales Tax.

7.4   Upon Order of the Goods, Mantic will provide you with a tax invoice specifying the total price for the Goods and the Delivery Fee.

7.5   At the time you place the Order, you will be required to pay either via online payment by credit card or by PayPal and Mantic will at the point of purchase set out the required method.  Unless otherwise agreed, in order to receive the Goods you have ordered, payment must be received by the selected payment method and in accordance with any other terms displayed on the Website or on eBay.


8.1   You:

  1. must promptly advise us of any changes to your information provided to us relating to your access or use of the Website or eBay;
  2. are responsible for any costs associated with your access to or use of the Website or eBay, including internet access fees;
  3. agree that Mantic may charge you for all Goods that Mantic agrees to supply to you that have been ordered through the Website or ordered via eBay;
  4. should check the labels on the Goods before consumption or use; and
  5. must follow all recommendations by the manufacturer for the application or installation of any Goods purchased from Mantic.

8.2   You must not:

  1. use the Website for any activities that breach any laws, infringe a third party’s rights or are contrary to any relevant standards or codes;
  2. use the Website in a manner or way, or post to or transmit to or via the Website any material, which interferes with other users or our other customers or defames, harasses, threatens, menaces or offends any person or which prevents any other person from using or enjoying the Website;
  3. make fraudulent or speculative enquiries, purchases or requests through the Website or through eBay;
  4. use another person’s details without their permission or impersonate another person when using the Website or eBay;
  5. post or transmit any obscene, indecent, inflammatory or pornographic material or any other material that may give rise to civil or criminal proceedings;
  6. tamper with or hinder the operation of the Website or Mantic’s use of eBay in anyway;
  7. knowingly transmit any viruses, worms, defects, trojan horses or similar disabling or malicious code to the Website;
  8. use any robot, spider, site search and retrieval application or other mechanism to retrieve or index any portion of the Website;
  9. modify, adapt, translate or reverse engineer any portion of the Website;
  10. remove any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on the Website;
  11. reformat or frame any portion of the web pages that are part of the Website;
  12. create accounts by automated means or under false or fraudulent pretences;
  13. use the Website to violate the security of any computer or other network or engage in illegal conduct;
  14. take any action that imposes or that would, in our reasonable opinion, result in an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;
  15. use the Website other than in accordance with these terms and conditions; or
  16. attempt any of the above acts or engage or permit another person to do any of the above acts.

9.   SET-OFF

9.1   If you owe money to Mantic, or its agent or nominee, under one agreement, Mantic may set-off that money against any money that you owe to Mantic under another agreement.


10.1   You:

  1. acknowledge that Materials are owned by or licensed to Mantic;
  2. must not modify, copy, adapt, store in a retrieval system, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, sell, distribute in any way or communicate to the public the Materials without Mantic’s prior written consent; and
  3. must not frame or embed in another Website any of the material appearing on this Website without our prior written consent.

10.2   You may:

  1. store a reproduction of the content on this Website on your local computer for the sole purpose of viewing the content and Materials; and
  2. print hard copies of the content and Materials for the sole purpose of viewing and purchasing Goods but not for any other use, including commercial use.

10.3   This Website may contain registered trade marks and other trade marks which are protected by law. You must not use any of the marks or trade marks appearing on the Website or our name or the names of our related bodies corporate without our prior written consent. You must not use any of the other company, product and services marks on the Website that are owned by other third parties (including our suppliers) without obtaining the relevant third party owner’s consent.


11.1   Subject to clause 12.3, Mantic excludes all implied terms and warranties whether statutory or otherwise, relating to the Website or the subject matter of this agreement. You acknowledge that Mantic does not make any warranty or representation as to the suitability of the Website or a Goods for any purpose.

11.2   Subject to clause 12.3, Mantic will not be liable to you for indirect and consequential Loss (including without limitation for loss of revenue, loss of profits, failure to realise expected profits or savings and any other commercial or economic of any kind) or loss or corruption of data, in contract, tort, under any statute or otherwise (including negligence) arising from or connected to this agreement.

11.3   Where any law implies in this agreement any term, and that law voids or prohibits provisions which exclude or modify the operation of such term, then the term is taken to be included in this agreement. However, our liability for breach of such term will be, if permitted by law, limited to one of the following remedies (at our option):

  1. in the case of services: the resupply of the services; or the payment of the cost of resupply; and
  2. in the case of Goods: the replacement of the Goods, the supply of equivalent Goods, the repair of the Goods; the payment of the cost of replacing the Goods (or of acquiring equivalent Goods), or the payment of the cost of having the Goods repaired.

11.4   Our liability to you for Loss or damage of any kind arising out of this agreement or in connection with the relationship established by it is reduced to the extent (if any) that you cause or contribute to the Loss or damage. This reduction applies whether our liability is in contract, tort (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise.

11.5   Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit or exclude any liability that cannot be excluded by law.


12.1   For details of the Mantic privacy and security statement, please follow the link “Privacy Policy” on the Website. By providing your information on eBay or the Website, you acknowledge and agree to Mantic’s privacy policy as amended or varied from time to time.

12.2   Any personal information collected pursuant to this Agreement will be collected in compliance with Mantic’s Privacy Policy.


13.1   Mantic may terminate this agreement for convenience at any time on notice to you. Without qualifying the foregoing, Mantic may immediately suspend, terminate or limit your access to and use of the Website if you breach these terms and conditions and:

  1. the breach cannot be remedied; or
  2. you fail to the remedy the breach within 10 days of our notice to you of that breach; or
  3. if there is an emergency.

13.2   You may stop using the Website at any time and for any reason.

13.3   Mantic may stop making the Website (or any part of it) available without prior notice. Any orders that Mantic has accepted will not be affected by the unavailability of the Website unless the Goods that have been ordered are no longer available or Mantic is prevented from supplying the Goods, in which case, Mantic will notify you and valid payments will be returned in accordance with these terms and conditions.


14.1   The Website may contain links to external websites that are not operated by us or our related bodies corporate. These links are provided for your convenience only and you agree that:

  1. Mantic makes no representations or warranties, or have any responsibility or liability for those websites; and
  2. these links do not indicate, expressly or impliedly, that Mantic endorse the site or the products or services that are provided at those sites.
  3. You agree that you access and use the products and services made available at those sites solely at your own risk.

14.2   Mantic may add to, delete, or otherwise change any of the terms of this agreement by giving you notice. Your use of Mantic after notice will constitute your deemed acceptance of such changes.

14.3   Mantic may give notice to you by either electronic mail, conventional mail to your Delivery Address or notice posted on the Website. You may give notice to Mantic by email to or in writing to 13-15 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown, Victoria, Australia 3074.

14.4   Each provision of this agreement is severable. Severance does not affect any other provision.

14.5   The laws of Victoria, Australia govern this agreement. Each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts Victoria, Australia.