Mitsubishi Evo Performance Clutches

Choose quality for your vehicle. Mitsubishi Evo drivers are in good hands when they choose Mantic Clutch, helping you get the control and performance you need out of your professionally tuned car. Designed from the ground-up with quality and precision in mind, there’s no better choice than our range of clutches.

At Mantic Clutch we understand the individual needs of our customers and offer a broad selection of clutch kits to suit every application and budget. Provided at a diverse range of prices, we make it possible for drivers everywhere to make a significant improvement to the feel and performance of their vehicle. Take a look at our catalogue today and discover the perfect unit for your car.

The ideal racing clutch

No one understands the modern driver better than Mantic Clutch. To help every driver in every vehicle on every road or track get the performance they’ve been looking for, we provide a wide range of clutch kits at diverse prices, offering something to suit every budget and every application. Make the smarter choice for your car and take a look at our collection.

With more than half a century of experience in clutch manufacturing, Mantic Clutch has the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to deliver the ideal solution for every vehicle. Our qualified and experienced engineers design solely with performance in mind, helping those who demand more from their vehicles get it. With state-of-the-art research and test facilities on site, you can buy with confidence knowing that each racing clutch sold by our company is backed by tens of thousands of hours of R&D and endurance testing. Browse our range today and discover the perfect thing for your vehicle.

Enquire about our performance clutches

Make the smarter choice for your Mitsubishi Evo and speak to the team at Mantic Clutch to learn how our clutch kits could enhance your driving experience. Make an enquiry via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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