Stage 3 Clutch Kit

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Stage 3 Clutch Kit

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Product Description

Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, a Mantic Stage 3 replacement clutch kit offers a strong torque capacity increase.

Each component has been thoroughly tested and developed for a specific application.

This range provides a Quality Assured replacement part that will meet or exceed the requirements of the original unit. After 65 years of experience in developing and manufacturing clutch kits for OEM and Aftermarket use, Mantic Clutch a division of Clutch Industries (CI) is the trusted source for a complete range of Clutch Kits suited to your vehicle.


Performance Clutch Systems for street use require increased torque capacity while retaining good pedal feel with fine modulation control. These characteristics inevitably increase heat which reduces service life. So the ideal performance clutch system for the street must also have improved heat dissipation. Mantic Stage 3 clutch kits feature a 20% increase (over original equipment) in clamp load for increased torque capacity.


Approximately 300% stronger than a standard casting this material (sometimes referred to as an Anti Burst casting) not only increases strength by up to 3 times, it also improves heat dispersion.


To insure that the clutch system performs at maximum efficiency and that no unwanted vibration is generated as the cover spins, all Mantic Stage cover assemblies undergo a 2 stage balancing process.


The Torque Capacity of a Clutch Plate can be increased by using exotic cerametallic friction material featuring a higher coefficient of friction. However, cerametallic material reduces pedal feel and results in more sudden clutch engagement, reducing street driveability. Mantic Stage 3 Clutch Kits feature cerametallic friction material on both sides of the clutch plate. This results in a strong torque capacity increase compared with Stage 2 - but reduced street driveability. Stage 3 kits include cushioned segments and a sprung hub to maintain a reasonable level of street drivability.

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Mantic Stage 1, 2 and 3 Clutch Kits 1 year or 20,000 km (whichever occurs first) warranty from date of purchase. Mantic Stage 4, 5 and Track Series Kits (multi-plate) come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee from date of purchase.

  • Warranty
Feature 1 Mantic Heavy Duty SGI Cover Assembly
Feature 2 Full Cerametallic Clutch Plate
Feature 3 1 Year / 20,000KM Warranty
Technical Spec

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Weight (KG) 10.00
Package Length (CM) 40
Package Height (CM) 15
Package Width (CM) 30
Flywheel Specs Flat
Tech Comments
Clutch Plate 255 x 10T x 27.5
Torque Capacity Peak: 872Nm, Rated: 698Nm
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